A New Decision: Subira

Today’s New Decision comes from Burkina Faso, where our teams encounter numerous health problems. Meet Subira*, a mother whose body was touched after she put her faith in Christ.

“I am 37, and I suffered from severe kidney aching. I watched the JESUS Film, and I asked the team leader to pray for me after the film. I explained to him that I want to receive the largest physician as my Savior and friend. Since then I have been cured my kidney aching. Please, please continue to pray for me. Thank You!”

It is tempting to believe that Christ no longer works through miracles — we see so much suffering in our world. But our God is still the God of power and miraculous works, and He holds all of His believers in His hands. If you would like the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and into the field to meet new Subiras, check out our Partner Trips!

*Names have been changed

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