JESUS Film A to Z: M is for Ministry Trip

A California youth group takes off on a Ministry Trip to Ghana, Africa

What do Nigeria, Carthage, MO, Bangladesh, and Huntsville, AL, have in common?

Give up yet?

Nigeria, Bangladesh, and Brazil (among many other countries) are in need of the equipment used to help share the JESUS Film inside their borders. Carthage, Leavenworth, and Huntsville are all areas from which the needed equipment has been delivered. The commonality between all of these locations? A JESUS Film Ministry Trip.

Harvest Partners sends out roughly 30 Ministry Trips every year to areas around the world. These trips consist of teams of about seven to ten people from local churches, small groups, classes or businesses that raise project funds, travel expenses, and any on-field expense to personally deliver JESUS Film equipment (consisting of an LCD projector, large screen, DVD player, and other items) to countries in need of it. Hand-delivered (often in a backpack!) to national leaders, this equipment is used to share God’s love in the native language and culture. Ministry Trip teams get to work hand-in-hand with the local leadership in accomplishing this, all while experiencing the power of the Gospel through film.

Traveling. Providing resources. Immersed in a new culture. Experiencing the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Interested? Come join us!

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